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You’ve seen him on the podium many times, battling against other top pro Pickleball players in the game – his power, finesse and love of the game are clearly evident when he plays….Steve Deakin is a clear winner for our choice of Pro of the Week!
We asked Steve a few questions and loved getting insight into his game – take a moment to see some of the reasons Steve is taking the Pro Pickleball tour by storm…

Q: What makes pickleball so wonderful?
A: The best part of PB for me is how strategic the game is. I love the “cat and mouse” aspect of point construction. It is a sport that I am fortunate enough to play at the highest level in my mid 40s. There aren’t too many sports out there like that. What also makes this game so special is the social atmosphere and new friendships I have made. I find the PB community as a whole to be close knit and supportive of one another. 

Q: Why did you choose to play with your Head paddle?
A: When I am looking for a paddle to play with I like to try a couple different models, shapes, weights, etc. I look for a paddle that gives me a combination of exceptional feel and power. This suits my game style. However, I am not one of those players who really labours over this. I typically know what I like based on shape/weight and will narrow it down from there. I think a common mistake people make in deciding on a paddle is overwhelming themselves with too many options. Most of us know what we like based upon our game styles. Stick with what feels good and plays to your strengths. 

Q: Who is your favorite Pro Mixed/Mens partner?
A: I have far too many players on this list to even mention. Each and every player (whether it be my men’s or mixed partner) brings a unique skillset to the partnership. There are obviously some players that I have had greater success with than others. That is the nature of this sport. Finding the right partnership fit is a journey I love. However, you will have to wait and see who I plan to play with in 2021 for a list of my favourite partners ;). It will be a very fun year! 

Q: Who is your favorite pro player to battle against?
A: I have played with and against almost every top player on tour but I am always a fan of battling against Ben Johns. I truly enjoy the challenge regardless of the outcome. Ben knows what I mean haha. 

Q: What is one area of your game you are developing?
A: I have been working on a little more deception and aggression in my game at this point of my career. I am trying to not be that player who is too safe or predictable. 

Q: What area of your game are you most proud of?
A: I am most proud of my shot selection and court IQ along with the ability to play well on big stages in big moments. I have the ability to make strategic changes on the fly to turn losing matches into winning ones. 

Steve is sponsored by Head Pickeball, 1044Pro, Merchant Of Pickleball and Poco Crossfit. You’ll be seeing a lot of him at the upcoming APP & PPA tour stops over the next year in the 30+ events he is scheduled to play in.

Want to learn from Steve in person? Get lesson info from his site or pm on FB and IG.


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