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PRO of the Week: William Sobek

As one of the up and coming pros on the tour, Willam is not only talented and humble, but he is also the youngest on the Mens Pro Tour. We’ve enjoyed watching him team up with Anna Leigh Waters as well as his dad, Rosti and are inspired by his passion for the game. We can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for this incredible player!

Get to know him better & gain some insight into his game…

Q: What makes Pickleball so wonderful?

A: The best part of Pickleball for me is meeting so many people around the world and also playing this great, fun game. It has a perfect balance between having fun and the competitiveness of the sport.

Q: Why did you choose to play with Paddletek and what is one mistake some players make when choosing a paddle?

A: I chose my paddle, Bantam EX-L, from Paddletek, because it’s not too heavy nor too light. It is one of my favorite paddles plus it has a mixture between power and control. One mistake I see is when a lot of people buy paddles based on what pro players use instead of what is suitable for their individual skill set.

Q: Who is your favorite Pro Mixed/Mens partner?

A: My favorite men’s doubles partner is my dad, Rosti. My favorite mixed doubles partner to play with is Anna Leigh Waters.

Q: Who would you like to team up with in 2021?

A: I would love to team up with Kyle Yates or Ben Johns in doubles.

Q: Who is your favorite pro player to battle against?

A: In singles, I always wanted to go against Ben Johns.

Q: What is one area of your game you are developing?

A:  I am currently working on my soft game, dropping, dinking, etc, but also knowing when to be aggressive and when to go for a winner.

Q: What area of your game are you most proud of?

A: I’m proud of my patience, especially in dinking.


William is sponsored by Paddletek Jigsaw Health Beachfront Radio

Want to learn from William in person?  William and his dad Rosti run a Pickleball academy in Key West, Florida! Check them out here:

Photo: Steve Miller


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