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These ladies need no introduction. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽  They are the one, the only, mother-daughter pro Pickleball duo…

Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters

We are THRILLED to feature them as our Pros of the Week & get to know them a bit better! We’ve loved watching every heart pounding moment of them on court in the past few years – but 2021 🔥 is sure to be a stellar year for these two! Take a moment and get to know Leigh & Anna Leigh Waters a bit better…

Q: “What is the best part of pickleball for you & what makes this game so special in your opinion?”
A: The best part of pickleball is that is a sport we can do as a family. We play together, travel together, and this means overall more time spent together! What other sport can you play Pro w/ your daughter, and also go out on the weekends and play with your dad/grandfather? Anna Leigh’s first tournament was with her grandfather! Pickleball is so social and it is truly a game for all!

Q: “How did you choose your paddle and what is one mistake some people make when they pick a paddle to play with?”
A: Anna Leigh’s paddle, Paddletek TS-5, was actually put in her hand to try during her first tournament in Delray Beach. She fell in love instantly, and hasn’t switched since. For AL, she likes its more compact shape and lightweight maneuverability.
My paddle, Paddletek Phoenix Genesis, has a bit more narrow longer body with a little extra room in the handle for my two handed backhand. It has a nice pop which I like for power.
I think one mistake people make when choosing a paddle is not playing with it or demo’ing it before purchase. Different paddles definitely play differently, and you need experience hitting all kinds of shots as well as using the paddle for prolonged play to make sure a specific paddle is for you.

Q: “Who is your favorite womens partner & mixed partner to play with?”
A: Of course our favorite women’s partners are each other. We just love the camaraderie we have on the court, and we have been so successful together that it is a match made in heaven.
As far as mixed goes, I’m playing a lot with Tyson McGuffin Pickleball and Kyle Yates Pickleball this year, and I know I have a lot of fun on the court with both of them. Having fun is key in mixed dubs because it can be so intense. Anna Leigh is also looking forward to playing with Tyson and Kyle, and has always enjoyed playing with fellow junior William Sobek Pickleball.

Q: “Who would you love to play with or against in 2021?”
A: Now that the Bryan Brothers have retired from pro tennis, we would love to play with them or against them in pickleball. Mother/daughter and twin brothers—cool combo! Rumor has it they are great pickleball players!

Q:“What is one area of your game you are working on & what is one area of your game you are most proud of?”
A: I think we have the same answer for both questions. We are definitely most proud of our powerful and aggressive game. When we started playing, most players told us we couldn’t be successful playing this type of game. We stayed true to ourselves and ended up Nationals Champs! Further, we are always trying to come up with new ways to be aggressive! We definitely want some new tricks in our bag!

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