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Strong and flexible hips and hip flexors are crucial to helping to avoid knee and lower back injuries…

If you have knee or lower back pain or problems, pay close attention to your hips and the strength of your hip muscles. Why? Because your hip muscles, like the gluteus medius, control the position of your knees when you are walking, running, or playing pickleball! Furthermore, people with weak hip muscles also place too much strain on their lower back. Overactive low back muscles leads to fatigue, pain, and poor movement. This results in a viscous cycle where poor movement results in more pain; and more pain worsens your movements. Exercises targeting your hips is vital to restore strength and proper movement which will allow you to play more and better pickleball!

As with all exercise programs, these strengthening exercises should be preceded by warm-up and followed by cool-down activities, such as walking and gentle stretching. It is advisable to always consult a medical professional prior to beginning any exercise program, and if pain, such as low back pain or leg pain, is felt or aggravated, it is best to consult your doctor and/or physical therapist that specializes in these types of exercise programs.

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