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“Wyatt, How can I drop from the midcourt with consistency and what drill should I use to practice?” Here at PickleballByPros, we ask the world’s best Pros the questions we all have. Listen quickly to top junior and accomplished professional, Wyatt Stone, explain simple strategies you can employ and a quick drill that will give you that consistency required to drop the ball from the midcourt and progress yourself into the the net to finish the point.

1) Make sure to turn your shoulders and get your feet into proper position
2) Use as soft grip, don’t grip the paddle too tightly. Think of a 3 or 4 grip pressure on a scale of 1 to 10.
3) Use a slightly longer pushing stroke than you would a dink but similarly executed. Brush up the back of the ball to apply top spin as you improve.
4) Make sure to always get the ball over the net! The apex of your shot should occur just before reaching the net and start falling down towards your opponents feet and the kitchen line as it moves over the net. Even a poor shot over the net is more effective than into the net!

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