How to Warm Up like the Newmans - Pickleball By Pros

Why bother warming up?

A proper warm up prepares your body for competition and helps prevent injury. The goal is to get your blood flowing and increase circulation to the muscles allowing your joints to loosen up as well. Proper warm up and stretching will decrease your risk of injury and allow your body to move more dynamically across the Pickleball court. Furthermore, from a competitive perspective you will be more in a rhythm allowing your strokes and “feel” to be better once the first serve is hit. Keep it simple and follow the Newman’s routine each time you hit the court to play your best and prevent injury!

– Stretch & jog to get the blood flowing and body ready for action
– Dink down the line and work cross court if your opponents have not arrived
– Hit as many shots as possible that you may hit during the match
– Move into some quick reflex volleys
– Don’t skip from the net to the baseline, make sure to hit some mid court shots
– From the baseline, work on your drops and a few drives
– Finish with a few smooth deep serves allowing your partner to focus on their returns
– Win more matches, have more fun and take care of your body with a proper warm up!

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