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PickleballByPros provides access to a comprehensive digital pickleball training course taught by our pro team: FAD, RAFA, Riley & Lindsey Newman with many more top pros coming soon! Through over 50 instructional lessons, you will learn from the best so you can be your best!

Our Video Training Was Created By Professional Pickleball Pros

PickleballByPros provides a COMPLETE instructional pickleball system designed for players of every skill level. We have worked with top Pros: Frank Anthony Davis (FAD), Rafael Hewett (RAFA), Riley Newman & Lindsey Newman to design an online lesson library addressing a vast array of techniques & concepts to take your game to the next level. Our team continues to grow with new pros and even more lessons coming soon!

What do you get with a membership?

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$ 129 / year

  • Complete access to our vast instructional video library. Access over 50 videos & 5 hours of high quality video instruction accessible anytime on any device
  • Our pro team has designed numerous progressive instructional lessons which will guide you from concept, to drills and finally to mastery.
  • Monthly live Q&A directly with our pros – can’t find something in a video, ask them directly!
  • New and exclusive content added regularly. You will have the opportunity for suggested new content! 
  • VIP events at National tournaments offering direct access to our pros
  • Monthly contests & prizes – 1on1 instructional chat session, signed merchandise and more…
  • Discounted merchandise and equipment with select partners and sponsors

What They're Saying...

Tyson McGuffin
World #2 Pickleball Pro

“Rafa is a young, disciplined hard working guy with great talent for the sport and his passion for pickleball will translate into your game. He is a great ambassador for the game.”

Scott Golden
Pickleball Pro & Analyst

“Frank is one of the good guys. He is genuine and sincere. It takes a cool guy to know a cool guy, and Frank is cool.”

Angie Henricks
Pickleball Player & Enthusiast

“Frank is extremely passionate, talented and dedicated as a player, coach and friend. I can always trust his advice on and off the court and his enthusiasm for things he is passionate about is one of my favorite things about him. As a coach, he has taken the time to invest his wealth of knowledge in game strategy with me and provided intricate stroke analysis that has helped me advance as a player in many ways.”

Jarrett Chirico
Pickleball Pro

“Frank is one of a kind. He is not only an extremely talented player but his knowledge and passion for teaching is astounding. He is exactly what pickleball needs exactly when they need it most!”

Brittany Will
Pickleball Player (3.5)

“As somebody just getting their feet wet with the game of pickleball, this membership is exactly what I needed. Great videos that cover everything from the basics to tournament prep.”

Mike Collins
Pickleball Player (4.0)

“I played tennis all my life. Pickleball has some nuisances that differ from tennis and the instructional videos from FAD and Rafa have really allowed me to take the next step and begin to play my very best. ”

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What are you waiting for? is the world leader in digital pickleball instruction. Join us today and unlock your full potential!

Frank Anthony Davis

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